Happy Global Volunteer Month

Volunteers Celebrating Our Volunteers for Global Volunteer Month!

April is Global Volunteer Month. We're excited to highlight our dedicated volunteers that allowed us to deliver the healing power of play to children with medical needs across the U.S. and abroad in 2023. Last year,18,038 Project Sunshine volunteers completed 64,380volunteer hours through our different program offerings, which served 241,520 children and families around the world. Read on to find out how our top volunteers and volunteer groups made an impact.

Check out our top College and Community Chapters that engaged with Project Sunshine in various ways!


"Every child is unique and deserves to have fun and creativity, so our Here To Play programs are a great way to restore this sense of normalcy and act as a way to bring children together. These arts and crafts programs are always super popular at RMH Dallas, and the families are always asking for more! It's a truly rewarding experience to heal families and children battling medical challenges through engaging arts and crafts programs that help them relax, have fun, and meet others!"

1-Apr-19-2024-01-20-42-2303-AMHarshi Pulgram
University of Texas at Dallas Chapter
Top College Chapter Leader

"I’ve been able to host a Kits for Play event with my local community, attend weekly crafting sessions with my city’s children’s hospital, and create meaningful connections with others who are passionate in bringing joy to pediatric patients. Project Sunshine continues to show me how I can make an impact on a child’s life. The community of Project Sunshine - the volunteers, child life specialists, coordinators, and more - are all my role models in who I want to be in my journey to becoming a physician.”

Untitled design-54-1Vivien Nguyen
Houston Chapter
Top Community Chapter Leader


Our fantastic Corporate Volunteers dedicated their time during their workday to organize events, pack activity kits, and provided generous donations to serve our children and families.

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"The craft activities were nice at Project Sunshine’s Here to Party event at the Hospital for Special Surgery. I enjoy crafts because there is never right or wrong in art, which allows a person to participate in a way that’s most comfortable for them. This allowed me to connect so well with the patients and families at the event. The stress-free environment prompted lots of storytelling, funny moments, and the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little better."

RBC Capital Markets


Max and Myla inspired high school students in the U.S. and Canada to pack over 1,000+ activity kits for pediatric patients to bring them joy!



We are thankful for our international volunteers in Canada, Israel, and Kenya. They have poured their hearts into providing healing play for children through customized programs and resources in their local communities.


"The volunteer experience made me interested in the healthcare field after seeing the challenges families go through. it gave me a sense of fulfillment and exposure to being in the hospital environment."

Project Sunshine Kenya Volunteer

"Volunteering has equipped me to become more patient, attentive, and connected to myself, while positively impacting the lives of others. Since 2008, I have been committed to spreading sunshine to children, and I look forward to continuing this journey for many years to come."

Project Sunshine Israel Volunteer

"I'm in my happy place sitting at my sewing machine, sewing Surgi Dolls. It's the satisfaction of knowing they are going to a good cause and if it brings a smile to a child's face then I'm happy. It's all about the gift of giving back."

Project Sunshine Canada Volunteer

"Volunteering with Project Sunshine pushed me towards my passion for taking care of people. My boss Dennis reminded the volunteers that the goal in our lives should be bettering ourselves with the little that we have."

Project Sunshine Kenya Volunteer 

"There are times we realize that what we do really has a lasting impact. The memories we create with children and families not only stay with them, but also leave an imprint on our lives too."

Project Sunshine Israel Volunteer

"If it weren't for the exposure of volunteering in the hospital, I wouldn't have joined the health course I'm currently in. Project Sunshine provided me with the opportunity to engage with children and families, especially during home visits to different locations."

Project Sunshine Kenya

We’re grateful to all of our volunteers for going above and beyond in 2023 and look forward to bringing more play to children this year!