Impact Numbers

The power of play

Project Sunshine is the leading volunteer-based organization delivering free, quality play programs to children with medical needs and their families.

Each year in the United States, over 3 million children are hospitalized.

30% of chronically ill kids face academic disruption, missing key instruction and vital social interactions.

To remedy this, Project Sunshine partners with over 480 hospitals and medical centers in 175 cities across the United States and 3 international locations to connect them with over 16,000 trained volunteers who deliver essential play activities to pediatric patients and their families.

We work with child life specialists and other healthcare staff to create a space in the hospital environment for kids to socialize with each other and participate in fun activities that are both recreational and educational.

Opportunities for play and mental stimulation distract patients from their physical and emotional challenges, give caregivers a break to tend to their own needs – like simply getting fresh air and taking a walk outside – and support hospital staff through the provision of additional services and resources


Impact Numbers

Reach by the numbers

We partner with


medical facilities in


cities across 



We reach


children and families annually.

We mobilize


volunteers to deliver the healing power of play.

Benefits of Our Programs

Empowering children through play

At Project Sunshine, we believe in creating lasting change that extends far beyond immediate impact. Our carefully designed initiatives are tailored to address the diverse needs of children, empowering them to thrive and build a brighter future.

Short-term benefits

  • Children facing medical challenges get a chance to act and feel like kids while in the hospital setting
  • Pediatric patients feel more relaxed and less stressed
  • Caregivers take a break and participate in activities that promote coping, relaxation, and socialization
  • Volunteers feel connected to the communities where they live and work
  • Hospital staff feels supported through additional resources

Medium-term benefits

  • Pediatric patients are distracted from pain and more willing to accept and adhere to treatment
  • Children and their families feel an increased sense of strength
  • Caregivers learn relaxation techniques that help them cope with stressors
  • Volunteers build personal and professional networks and skills
  • Hospital staff are better able to serve children and families

Long-term benefits

  • Physical, social, and emotional well-being of patients are improved
  • Patients are helped to reach social, developmental, and academic milestones
  • Pediatric patients’ health outcomes are improved
  • Hospitals are transformed into joyful environments for children and families
  • Volunteers’ lives are enriched through meaningful community service
  • Increased awareness of the non-medical needs of pediatric patients and their impact on recovery

Help bring the healing power of play to children all over the world.

By donating today, you can make a difference in the lives of hospitalized children, providing them with the much-needed joy, social interaction, and educational experiences that contribute to their overall well-being.  Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Annual reports and financials


In 2023, Project Sunshine made significant strides: launching a technology platform to boost efficiency and volunteer satisfaction, securing a grant for our groundbreaking TelePlay research, and expanding our partner network to nearly 500. These achievements, made possible by our supporters and volunteers, set the stage for our 25th year. In 2024, we celebrate a quarter-century of healing play, anticipating more growth, impact, and joy in the years ahead.


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