Our corporate volunteers are professionals committed to fulfilling the Project Sunshine mission alongside their colleagues. We partner with companies of all sizes and industries nationwide. Through customizable opportunities for community service and team-building, our corporate volunteers take a break from their day-to-day responsibilities to make a difference in a child’s life.
Corporate volunteer groups create Sending Sunshine care packages. These essential kits keep pediatric patients entertained when they are lonely in the hospital. During COVID-19, Project Sunshine can provide remote volunteer opportunities customized to your team.
Prior to COVID-19 Project Sunshine also hosted specially themed parties in hospitals, where corporate volunteers did arts and crafts, face painting, and other fun activities with patients and their families. Currently these in-person volunteer opportunities are not available, but we anticipate they will return sometime in the future.


Do your employees want to spread sunshine?
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Project Sunshine provides opportunities for employees to come together and make a difference in the communities where they live and work.
Volunteer right from your office: Project Sunshine comes to you. No traveling required – convenience guaranteed. These turnkey events are easily implemented and perfect for companies seeking flexibility for employees. Employees work together to assemble Project Sunshine Activity Kit packages for pediatric patients while building team spirit and a communal sense of goodwill.

Inspiration from Current Corporate Partners

Check out these videos highlighting partnerships in support of children facing medical challenges with some of our current corporate partners:

bubly Sparkling Water and Project Sunshine

See how bubly Sparkling Water and Project Sunshine have teamed up in support of isolated pediatric patients.

Lenovo & Project Sunshine

Employees of Lenovo created an Activity Book for pediatric patients in partnership with Project Sunshine.



Why does corporate volunteering matter?

According to the 2017 Deloitte Volunteerism Survey, by creating a culture of volunteerism, companies can promote workplace morale and improve brand perception. Community service is also correlated with improved physical and mental health – 93% of participants of the 2017 Doing Good Is Good for You Study note an improvement in mood directly after volunteering.

My company has an Annual Day of Service. Is this something Project Sunshine can accommodate?

We sure can! Project Sunshine can customize volunteer opportunities for companies of all different sizes, industries, and locations. Kindly complete our Corporate Inquiries form, and we will get back to you with more information.

How far in advance do we need to plan our volunteer project?

Please allow for one month lead time for office-based Sending Sunshine events and two months for hospital-based Party Times.

What is a typical schedule for a day of volunteering?

For Sending Sunshine (Craft Kit assembly or Surgi Buddy sewing) events, we recommend 1.5-2 hours for each volunteer to impact 12-15 pediatric patients and family members. Because these events are held on-site at the company’s location, there is flexibility around the time of day scheduled. All Party Time events run about 3 hours in total (not including transportation to the hospital site): 1.5-2 hour programs with 30 minutes of prep and 30 minutes of clean-up.

Where will we volunteer?

That’s up to you. We facilitate volunteer programs at company offices, off-site locations, and conference centers. We also arrange hospital-based events at over 325 hospitals and medical centers nationwide.

How do we get to the volunteer site?

Employees usually travel on their own. Project Sunshine staff is happy to facilitate transportation arrangements for your group – with all transportation and convenience costs covered by the company

How many employees can participate?

Groups can range from 5 to over 100 – all at once or in rolling sessions. Events are customized to meet your needs. Please note that the minimum number of volunteers for a Sending Sunshine event is 15 people. The average number of volunteers for a Party Time event is 15-25 people.

Will Project Sunshine provide photos of our volunteer project?

Absolutely! We love to capture the magic that happens when spreading sunshine. (Photographs are only snapped and shared when consented, of course).

How much does it cost and what does that cover?

All corporate volunteering events require a ‘per volunteer’ donation to cover staff management and facilitation; procurement and distribution of materials; and shipping costs when applicable.

Can I/our employees volunteer individually?

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