Family and Friends

Pack Activity Kits for Project Sunshine

Families and friends bring play to pediatric patients.

Bring a meaningful activity to your next family night or friend gathering. Pack activity kits with your loved ones to help support our mission. Last year, our family and friend groups have spread joy and play to over 3,000 pediatric patients!
To learn more or to get involved, please email Greg Feigeles at

See Who's Involved in the YAC

Aidan, NY
Akshita, WA
Aleena, TX
Ananya, VA
Ayaan, MA
Brianna, CA
Bridget, NJ
Bronwyn, WA
Caroline, CT
Claire, NY

Cole, WA
Daniella, NY
Dylan, NY
Ehiyah, PA
Eliza, NY
Elizabeth, TX
Emily, NY
Emma, NY
Evan, NY
Gabby, WA
Grace, MA
Idrees, TX
Jake, NY
Jake, VA
Jessica, NJ
Kristin, CA
Max, CT
Maya, NY
Merritt, NJ
Noah, NY
Prisha, FL
Rhea, NY
Sam, CT
Selin, NY
Simon, MD
Taylor, CA


How does it work?

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1. Receive

Our team will send all materials and instructions directly to your home or meeting place. We’ll provide enough materials to pack 50 or 100 kits depending on your group size.


2. Pack
activity kits!

Depending on your group size, it should take about 2 hours to complete.
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3. Send out your packed activity kits.

Ship out your packed activities! We will provide you with a shipping label to deliver your kits directly to one of our medical facility partners.
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4. Play and joy arrive to pediatric patients!

Your activity kits will go to hospitals all over the United States and pediatric patients will receive safe, fun, and healing opportunities for play.


Want to make a meaningful impact with your family and friends?

Join us in creating a positive impact on the lives of pediatric patients by taking part in our volunteer program designed for young individuals and families.