TelePlay Partnerships Bring Play and Human Connection to Pediatric Patients

August 9, 2021 | TelePlay Partnerships Bring Play and Human Connection to Pediatric Patients

Blog – TelePlay Partnerships Bring Play and Human Connection to Pediatric Patients |

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So much has changed in the world since TelePlay’s launch in 2020, but one thing that has stayed true is pediatric patients’ need for human connection and play. Originally developed to meet the urgent need of these patients during the increased isolation they faced at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, TelePlay has evolved to become an evergreen tool to serve these children through a safe, joyful, and engaging digital platform.

One major sign of TelePlay’s success in spreading the healing power of play is our growing list of partnerships with hospitals and non-profits across the country. These organizations—some longtime friends from Project Sunshine’s 20-plus years of service in the pediatric field and some newly formed, are entrusting TelePlay to connect their patients and families with crucial socialization, engagement, and fun.

With over 34 active medical and non-profits partners, including some of the nations’ leading pediatric hospitals, TelePlay is able to serve pediatric patients across a large range of diagnoses, disabilities, and locations. From John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Tampa Bay to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco, pediatric patients from coast-to-coast are logging on to TelePlay to play and learn with their peers and Project Sunshine’s highly-trained volunteers.

“The great thing about TelePlay is it’s designed to be adaptable and accessible to the children it’s serving, no matter their diagnosis,” says Meg Kellett, Certified Child Life Specialist and Project Sunshine’s Senior Advisor on Programming.

Having so many new partners join TelePlay has allowed us to evolve the program even more to meet the unique needs of each specific community. Take for example our recent TelePlay success at the National Organization for Rare Disorders #LivingRare conference. Children in the rare disease community came together and played along with a trained Project Sunshine volunteer in a guided art lesson where they learned to draw a zebra, the official symbol for rare disease in the United States.

As for the future of TelePlay, we’re excited to expand the program even further, reaching pediatric patients no matter their setting. With an ever-growing list of new hospital and non-profit partnerships, TelePlay will continue connect our community of patients, families, and volunteers to the healing power of play.

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