In-Person Volunteer Spotlight: Robin & Yvette

April 18, 2022 | In-Person Volunteer Spotlight: Robin & Yvette

Blog – Project Sunshine In-Person Volunteer: Robin

Robin&MomRobin Feldman (left) and Yvette Galsky (right) during a Project Sunshine volunteering session.

Robin Feldman began in-person volunteering with Project Sunshine in 2021 along with her mom, Yvette Galsky. Robin has always enjoyed working with children, which included working as a substitute teacher. During COVID, she began to reflect on what she wanted to do career-wise. Given her love of working with children, and her experience with her son being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she decided she wanted to become a child life specialist. As part of her college experience, she began volunteering with Project Sunshine at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I’ve supported my son, and I just feel I want to help these children be successful and have some happiness and normalcy in their lives," says Robin. "It just makes me happy to put a smile on their face, and helping them out and doing these crafts the Project Sunshine provides makes them happy. It’s the small little things that you can do for them that’s amazing. And I wanted to do that for the sick kids."

Robin had one experience that was especially touching, she was in the hospital playroom with one child, who wasn’t into arts and crafts that much, but Robin and her mom were playing games with her. “The hospital is fun, I have fun here!” shared the child, as they were playing. 

It's moments like these that has made Robin certain that the volunteering she is doing with Project Sunshine is making a difference. "I’m proud to be a part of Project Sunshine, because it’s amazing. You don’t know what it does until you are there, and you see it in these kids’ faces and it’s right here in my heart right now."

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