Creating Community From Home


Hear from Angie Gorz about how Project Sunshine's Teleplay program provided a moment of fun and relief for her child and for herself.

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A few years ago, my child Alex received a Project Sunshine activity kit from Shriner’s Children in Chicago. I looked up the organization on Facebook and saw that Project Sunshine was meeting virtually for special events. I signed up for our first event which was to meet Ravi Cabot-Conyers, who voiced Antonio’s character in Disney’s Encanto. 

ravi-encanto-teleplayWe had a blast. Alex is autistic and doesn’t express excitement in the same way as other kids. But Alex was thrilled and loved interacting with the other kids. 

We’ve been to several more events after and Alex gets so excited when we have a session coming up. It’s something to look forward to, especially when we’re stressed from our medical appointments and procedures.  

As for me, I love that Project Sunshine creates an inclusive space. It doesn’t matter that Alex has a host of disabilities. Instead, we simply get to have fun and it can be really challenging to find a community like that.