Project Sunshine Has Rebranded

May 25, 2022 | Project Sunshine Has Rebranded

Blog – Project Sunshine Has Rebranded


We're excited to share our new brand and logo with you. In 2021, we took a deep dive into our origins and accomplishments to date in order to re-envision Project Sunshine’s brand identity and develop a sophisticated understanding of our future impact. Under the guidance of our Marketing Task Force made up of industry experts, we went through an intentional and strategic process to lay the foundation to expand Project Sunshine’s marketing presence.   

 This visual identity change builds upon an already strong brand and emphasizes our commitment to continue to spread warmth and joy with excellence. As our organization continues to expand and deepen our services, we're hopeful and excited for the way this new brand identity will help us grow our community and gain trust and recognition from new patients, families, medical partners, volunteers, and donors. We are working on gradually updating our assets and materials including our website, social media platforms, activity kits, and volunteer t-shirts.  

Here's a look at some examples of our logo in action: 



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