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Benefits of Being a Project Sunshine Chapter
National Constitution and Bylaws
Medical Facility Partnerships
Charter a Chapter

To learn more, you can email us at college@projectsunshine.org.

You can continue to support us by starting a fundraising campaign.

FAQs - Prospective College Chapter Leaders

How do I establish a college chapter at my school if there is not one?

Check here to see if there is an active college chapter at your school. If not, contact us to request a college chapter leader application to start the process. Establishing or Reinstating a college chapter requires a chapter leader and Co-chapter leader to share the responsibilities of running a chapter.

How long does the Chapter Leader Application process take?

The application process typically can take between 1-3 months due to the high volume of interest we receive from individuals who wish to start a chapter at their school.

What is the minimum commitment for Chapter Leaders to serve?

Chapter Leaders are required to serve one academic year and may serve longer.

Will I receive Professional Development as a Chapter Leader?

Project Sunshine provides ongoing Professional Development to all Chapter Leaders and Co-Chapter Leaders during the duration of their undergraduate or graduate studies. We require Chapter Leaders and Co-Chapter Leaders to complete trainings such as New Volunteer; TelePlay and In-Hospital safety, etc. Project Sunshine provides and will teach all college chapters how to use technology applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Zoom.

What resources are provided from Project Sunshine to College Chapters?
  • Chapter Support and Trainings
  • Technology Applications: Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom
  • College Chapter Resources
  • T-Shirts, Promotional and Marketing Items
  • Access to a Network of over 100 College Chapters across the country
How do we pay for things?

College chapters are allowed to fundraise to cover expenses in accordance with their school policies and procedures. Chapters also have access to available resources from their school.

Do I have to reach out to a medical facility to develop a partnership?

Project Sunshine will conduct outreach and develop partnerships with medical facilities across the country. College Chapters are partnered with a medical facility in their home state and introduced to a facility point of contact. If you have a contact at a medical facility you want to partner with please document their information in your application.

How do I learn more about the College Volunteer Program?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

FAQs - Greek & Student Organizations

How can Greek & Student organizations support Project Sunshine?

Fundraising for Project Sunshine is a great way to support our causes and initiatives domestically and internationally. In addition, to assembling sending sunshine activity kits for our hospital partners. contact us  for further details.

Can Greek & Student organizations participate in a TelePlay Sessions?

Yes, there are 3 ways to participate in a TelePlay session. First, check here to see if there is an active college chapter at your school and submit a college volunteer application. Second, check here to see if there is an active community chapter in your home state and submit a community volunteer application. Third, if there is not an active college chapter at your school and you want to collaborate with a chapter at a neighboring school contact us.

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