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What do college chapter volunteers do?

College Chapter volunteers have several opportunities to support Project Sunshine’s mission. They facilitate play sessions in hospitals and virtually, pack activity kits on campus, and organize fundraising events. 

Does each chapter have a fundraising minimum?

College chapters are required to meet a $500 fundraising goal each year. 

How often do chapters pack activity kits and how would my chapter request Sending Sunshine Kits for Play?

College Chapters are required to host two kit packing events per year, one per semester, though many chapters host more. Chapter Leaders can access an order form through a unique URL found in their Salesforce account details tab.  

Can I reach out directly to a local medical facility to initiate a partnership?

Project Sunshine will conduct outreach and develop partnerships with medical facilities to ensure consistency and accountability. If you have a contact at a medical facility you want to partner with, please fill out this form. 

What is the minimum commitment for Chapter Leaders to serve?
Chapter Leaders are required to serve one academic year at a minimum and encouraged to serve longer. 
What resources are provided to Project Sunshine Chapter Leaders?
  • Support from headquarters and trainings 
  • Technology Applications: Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom 
  • Program and marketing materials 
  • Professional development opportunities  
  • Access to a network of over 75+ college chapters across the country 
How do I learn more about the College Volunteer Program?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions. In your email, please be sure to provide your name, school, and location. 

I am a new volunteer. Will I receive training?

You got it! All of Project Sunshine’s volunteers are trained by staff or trained Chapter Leaders. Following the submission of your application you will be prompted to sign up for a New Volunteer Training which can last 45-60 minutes. Following the training, you will watch a 30-minute Engagement Video and complete a 12-question quiz. After you’ve passed the quiz, your Chapter Leader will reach out within two weeks. If you have not received communication from them, please reach out to us at 

FAQs - Greek & Student Organizations

How can Greek & Student organizations support Project Sunshine?

Fundraising for Project Sunshine is a great way to support our causes and initiatives domestically and internationally. In addition, to assembling sending sunshine activity kits for our hospital partners. contact us  for further details.

Can Greek & Student organizations participate in a TelePlay Sessions?

Yes, there are 3 ways to participate in a TelePlay session. First, check here to see if there is an active college chapter at your school and submit a college volunteer application. Second, check here to see if there is an active community chapter in your home state and submit a community volunteer application. Third, if there is not an active college chapter at your school and you want to collaborate with a chapter at a neighboring school contact us.

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