Project Sunshine Welcomes Four New Board Members

Project Sunshine announces four new members joining the Board of Directors: Quemuel Arroyo, Meg Moloney, Caryn Stoll Unger, and Erica Zimmerman. Coming from a broad range of backgrounds, these leaders will help further Project Sunshine’s mission to bring joy and play to pediatric patients and their families.

“We are thrilled to welcome such a strong group of leaders to the Project Sunshine Board of Directors,” said Whitney Namm Pollack, Executive Director of Project Sunshine. “Each of these new Board members has been actively involved with Project Sunshine’s mission and they are passionate supporters or our work with pediatric patients.”

The new Board members are:

Quemuel “Q” Arroyo is the first Chief Accessibility Officer at the NYS Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). In this capacity he leads the implementation of policies, initiatives, and programs that redefine and advance accessibility throughout the largest public transportation organization in North America. Quemuel joins the board with a strong connection to our mission, experiencing our programming as a pediatric patient himself and as a volunteer. He currently serves on the Project Sunshine Program Committee

Meg Moloney is the chief programs and network officer at Points of Light, where she oversees nonprofit capacity building programming, corporate civic engagement programming, and affiliate network building strategy. She brings more than 20 years of nonprofit and volunteer sector experience managing programs, operations, and technology, locally and internationally. She currently serves on the Project Sunshine Impact Task Force.

Caryn Stoll Unger was Project Sunshine’s honoree at our 11th Annual Golf Classic in 2021 and she is the Founder & CEO of Freestyle Mktg, LLC. Caryn joins our board with a depth of marketing and nonprofit expertise and was a former member of the US Ski Team (Aerials, 1986-1992). She currently serves on the Project Sunshine Program Committee and the Marketing and Communications Task Force.

Erica Zimmerman is currently a Senior Director of Marketing at PepsiCo and is passionate about helping children facing medical challenges.  She helped create our partnership with bubly sparkling water, including the creation of our “bubly beats” kits, which for two years have brought the power of music and play to pediatric patients.  She currently serves on the Project Sunshine Development Committee.

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