Coronavirus Outbreak Greatly Increases Demand for Single-Use Pediatric Patient Activity Kits

Project Sunshine Seeks Support to Meet Surge in Need

With an increase in the coronavirus across the United States, Project Sunshine has seen a surge in requests for single-use activity kits to support pediatric patients.

As hospitals limit interactions for the safety of patients, including with parents siblings and caregivers, hospitalized children are more isolated than ever. Many hospitals are only allowing single-use activities to be given to patients and many hospital playrooms are being closed, driving the increase in need for the activity kits. The activity kits support the emotional and psychological well-being of pediatric patients.

Last year, over 100,000 activity kits were delivered to hospitals across the United States. Each Project Sunshine activity kit includes developmentally appropriate activities as well as a blank journal for creative expression and journaling. In addition, Project Sunshine provides caregiver and activity kits to family member, including parents and siblings, who are also impacted by the illness of a family member.

Project Sunshine partners with over 350 hospitals to support pediatric patients, and we are in regular communication with these hospitals to ensure that we are updated on changing needs.

While Project Sunshine typically provides in-hospital volunteering to support human interaction with hospitalized children, due to the current situation, all in-person play and activities have been paused until at least March 31, 2020.

“Given the increased isolation patients are now facing, Project Sunshine is asking for the public support to help meet this need,” said Whitney Namm Pollack. “Any child facing a medical challenge is already in need of human interaction and activities, and the families of these children also need support.”

Anyone wishing to help support the increased need for activity kits can donate to Project Sunshine.

Corporate volunteering and support opportunities are also available across the country for any companies interested in supporting pediatric patients and their families through Project Sunshine. Companies interested in helping to provide activity kits can complete this form.

About Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine is a global network of volunteers that provide play and activities to help children cope while facing medical challenges. Last year, Project Sunshine partnered with 325+ hospital partners and over 19,000 Project Sunshine volunteers supported over 175,000 pediatric patients and families. To view Project Sunshine’s activity kits visit To learn more about Project Sunshine visit

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