College Volunteers Deliver Critical Support to Children

Project Sunshine college volunteers deliver play and activities to children in need of socialization and human connection to help them cope while they are dealing with medical challenges. Play allows children to learn, explore, and it enables them to heal. (According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, play is one of the most effective methods of reducing stress in kids!)

New Volunteer Opportunities during the Pandemic
In March 2020 our in-person volunteer activities were halted. But we were committed to deliver our mission, so we piloted and launched a new program: TelePlay. TelePlay connects small groups of children with trained volunteers over a HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform where they play games and activities designed by behavioral health professionals.

About College Volunteers

Project Sunshine has active college chapters on over 100 campuses nationwide. Through volunteering, college students develop leadership skills, engage in service opportunities, and raise awareness about Project Sunshine across the country. Chapters participate in volunteer program activities, organize Sending Sunshine events, and fundraise on campus to support Project Sunshine’s mission.

Engagement and Leadership

College Chapters engage with Project Sunshine in 3 ways:

  • Provide Service opportunities (Sending Sunshine, Teleplay, Direct Service, and Collection Drives)
  • Develop Leadership (Chapter Leaders, Executive Board, Committees, etc.)
  • Raise Awareness (Fundraising events, collaboration with other clubs on campus, national campaigns, and university press) on campus about Project Sunshine.

Benefits of Being a Project Sunshine Chapter

By maintaining active status as a chapter, you have access to:

  • Chapter Leader and Teleplay Trainings
  • Chapter Technology Applications: Microsoft 365 Office, Salesforce, Zoom
  • Access to a network of over 100 College Chapters across the country
  • Sending Sunshine Materials
  • T-shirts, Promotional and Marketing Items

The Process for Becoming a College Volunteer

We are committed to making the training accessible and time manageable to you, our volunteers, while also ensuring that you are well-prepared to engage with an important and vulnerable population. Here is what to expect from the college volunteer application process:

  1. Complete college volunteer online application for the college you are enrolled in.
  2. Chapter Leader for your college chapter will be in touch to schedule training.
  3. Participate in a scheduled new volunteer training led by your college chapter.
  4. Participate in a minimum of two TelePlay practice sessions.
  5. Engage with chapter in other ways: fundraising, Sending Sunshine and other chapter events.

For over 20 years, Project Sunshine served children during hospitals stays. Now, for the first time, we are building direct relationships with children and families to deliver services. As we do this outreach, we will be slowly expanding the TelePlay program, and we anticipate increasing participation with both children, and volunteers over the coming year.

It may take some time between completing your training and participating in your first, live TelePlay session. However, we would like to invite you to join us in building this innovative program! If there is delay after you complete your training and practice sessions, we invite you to serve as an ambassador to let families know about TelePlay as a free resource.  You’ll receive our outreach materials after you complete the training.


Our team has currently paused accepting new college applications. We will resume with new college chapter applications in September 2021. Thank you for your interest! You can continue to support us by starting a fundraising campaign..


To learn more, you can email us at or set-up a meeting through Calendly to speak directly to our College Volunteer Engagement Coordinator.