We believe that every person can make a difference, from our volunteers to our hospital partners to kids helping other kids. Meet Lillian – a remarkable nine-year-old who is working through her own challenges by helping others. When her mom Rachel wrote us this letter, we were so inspired by their story that we just had to share!

Greetings Project Sunshine,

In February, my 9-year-old daughter spent a week in the hospital. There, she was diagnosed with a progressive autoimmune disease. It was hard. However, we found comfort in the familiar. You see, a few years before she volunteered with a group of homeschool students to complete a service project – assembling Project Sunshine Craft Kits. While hospitalized, she was given one of your craft bags! We both looked at it in surprise and then smiled at each other.

She also received a doll that hasn’t left her side since she left the hospital. She named it Karly after one of her nurses. She drew a face on the doll and talked about her emotions with the Child Life Specialist. After looking over your website, I believe it’s a doll from your organization as well.

My daughter is having a hard time accepting this change. She’s questioning. To help with this transition, we’re having a lot of dialogue, but I’d also like to help her focus a little further out on ways to impact others. That’s where you come in. I’m interested in information on stuffing Craft Kits and sewing Surgi Dolls. I’d like to host some events for her and her friends to give back together. She can strengthen her friendships while working through her own challenges by helping others.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for spreading sunshine,

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