Meet Katharina, a rockstar volunteer. As leader of the St. John’s University chapter,  she created new and exciting opportunities for her peers. First up? Recruiting. Knowing that she wanted to reach as many people as possible, Katharina promoted Project Sunshine on campus and before long had 360 interested applicants. An intensive interview process found 20 committed, talented volunteers to volunteer at the local hospital. She’s now collaborating with the hospital and the local community chapter to provide more volunteer opportunities than ever before.  Service doesn’t stop at the hospital doors, either. Katharina has already led a huge, campus–wide Sending Sunshine event where 90 volunteers made craft kits for local pediatric patients.

Once Katharina was volunteering in a playroom and saw a very shy patient who didn’t want to interact with the other kids. The child’s parents were nearby and she overheard them speaking in German. Katharina knew that the little girl was probably not interacting because of a language barrier.  As a native German speaker, Katharina took a chance and complimented the girl’s artwork in German. The pair instantly bonded and spent the rest of the day making art together.