Meg oversees the development of programs and medical facility and nonprofit partnerships. Meg’s passion for pediatrics led her to pursue a career as a Certified Child Life Specialist, supporting patients and families both in and out of the hospital setting.

Prior to working with Project Sunshine, Meg worked in at Memorial Sloan Kettering in Patient Experience to innovate and enhance numerous pediatric programs. At Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY, Meg was the lead CCLS of the inpatient surgical unit. As a once former employee of Project Sunshine, Meg is thrilled to return to Project Sunshine yet again to further the reach of its newest program, TelePlay.

CHILDHOOD FACT: When Meg was little, she was obsessed with cash registers. Though she had many pretend registers, she was always upset she never got the “real thing”. Once her daughter is old enough, she’ll be sure to not disappoint.