In-Hospital Volunteering

Below are descriptions of our in-hospital volunteer programs. We have specially trained volunteers across the country, and the globe, who facilitate evidence-based and developmentally varied activities with patients and families in a range of medical settings.

Creative Arts and Crafts

Creative Arts and Crafts is a program in which Project Sunshine volunteers bring materials and facilitate arts and crafts activities, which encourage self-expression and imagination. Most often, the volunteers bring Program Boxes as their activities for the session. Program Boxes, designed by child life specialists, consist of developmentally appropriate materials that are delivered to Project Sunshine volunteers nationwide each month. This streamlined, consistent model allows volunteers to arrive fully prepared with the evidence-based activities and materials needed (so as not to strain the hospital’s supplies) to create shared moments of joy and connection with pediatric patients and their families, responding to the childhood need to explore, socialize and play.

Caregiver Wellness

Caregiver Wellness is a program requested by the medical facility and is either underwritten by a corporate sponsor or facilitated by community volunteers. The intent is to temporarily transform a designated hospital space into a soothing environment for parents and caregivers with relaxation activities and massages, aromatherapy, calming breathing exercises, or chair yoga provided by experts.

Making the Band

Making the Band is facilitated by specially trained Project Sunshine volunteers who introduce pediatric patients and their families to new instruments and inspire discussions about different types of music and instruments. Participants may answer questions about music in a trivia format, create unique sounds using a variety of instruments, and make their own “band”- complete with a name and poster! In addition to providing opportunities for creative expression and socialization, Making the Band promotes gross and fine motor skills.

Party Time

Party Time is a large-scale event that brightens holidays and other landmark occasions, providing a setting for pediatric patients and families to celebrate, honor traditions, and connect. Most of our Party Time events are underwritten by corporate sponsors and staffed by volunteers from the sponsoring company and overseen by Project Sunshine staff.

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