Remote Volunteering for Individuals

For 20 years, Project Sunshine’s mission has remained constant: to bring joy, connection, socialization, and memory-making to pediatric patients and their families. Providing all of these during the COVID-19 era presents new challenges. This pandemic has put a spotlight on health and human connection like never before, and we are committed to doing whatever we can for the tens of thousands of vulnerable young patients at this time but we need your help. Our team has put together a few ways for you to volunteer remotely and support us in meeting the needs of pediatric patients. Click the plus sign on each color block to learn more on how to get involved.

  • TelePlay

    TelePlay is when small groups of patients and trained volunteers meet by video conference to engage in play and activities. To apply to become a TelePlay volunteer, please fill out this application.

  • Tell a joke for a pediatric patient

    Give a child in a hospital a reason to laugh and a feeling of connection to the outside world. Dust off your favorite child-friendly joke to share with patients in our hospital partners across the country and let them know they have a friend who is thinking about them. Follow this link for instructions to participate.

  • Send a thank you message to a healthcare worker

    Join us in thanking Child Life Specialists, Social Workers, Doctors and all the healthcare workers who continue to serve pediatric patients across the country. You can:

    Post your message here by selecting “Add to Board” and get creative!

    Below are some simple guidelines to follow:

    • Write a simple, positive message. Here are some examples:
      • Thank you for all you do!
      • Sending you a big (socially distant) hug!
      • Thank you for making such a difference in people’s lives!
      • Sending you some Sunshine!
      • You are my Sunshine!
    • Do not any religious language
    • All language is PG appropriate
    • Do not include any personal contact information/photos.
    • It is ok to sign with a first name only and the city/town as an identifier. For example:
      • From, Toni in New York City
  • Sew masks for pediatric patients or healthcare workers

    Masks are in hot demand. Hospitals across the country have started sending out requests for people to help make masks. With the CDC recommending the use of nonmedical face masks as a voluntary health measure, we are asking our volunteers to help us make them! Whether you are a master seamstress or happen to have a needle and thread lying around you can help! Project Sunshine Mask Assembly Instructions.

    Please note that Project Sunshine does not supply volunteers with the materials to make masks. If you are interested in making masks you will need to use your own supplies. If you’re interested in sewing masks and are able to use your own supplies,  please fill out this brief interest form.

  • Calling all skilled volunteers

    Are you a Musician? Artist? Actor? Baker? Chef? Teacher? Geologist? Scientist? Librarian? Curator? Horticulture Specialist?

    Project Sunshine is looking for individuals with a background in music, creative arts, or childhood education/development that are out-going, compassionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of pediatric patients. If that describes you, this unique volunteer position is an opportunity to use your skillset to engage with patients and their families across the nation to bring play virtually in the hospital walls. If you are interested, complete this form so we can learn more about you.

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