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Volunteer: Kids for Kids

Kids for Kids, Project Sunshine�s youth service program, gives children and teens the opportunity to volunteer and give back in a meaningful way. Youth participate in Sending Sunshine projects to create Craft Kits, Surgi Dolls and Sunny Grams that are sent to hospitalized children nationwide. Project Sunshine volunteers must be at least 18 years old to volunteer in a hospital; therefore, Kids for Kids allows the next generation of volunteers to get involved and make a difference with Project Sunshine in their own way.


"Participating in the Project Sunshine program gives a sense of community, connection, and hope to both the volunteers and children in the hospital. Volunteering for Project Sunshine means that you will help to make the day of someone in need. I�m proud to be a part of Project Sunshine!"

- Student, Adolescent Skills Center, Bronx,NY

In addition, Kids for Kids volunteers help Project Sunshine by fundraising and organizing book, toy, Band-Aid and other collection drives. Kids for Kids volunteers may also host Sunshine Giving celebrations in honor of a special event such as a birthday, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or a graduation.

In order to volunteer through our Kids for Kids programming, volunteers must commit to organizing at least one Sending Sunshine project and priority is given to organized groups of five or more volunteers. Project Sunshine partners with schools, youth groups, community service clubs, national honor societies, sports teams, and Girl Scout troops on many successful Kids for Kids programs. If your group is interested, please complete the Volunteer Inquiry Form.  This form should be completed by an adult group leader or parent/guardian. 


"Every little project makes a difference for a hospitalized child, and the goal is to light up as many smiles as we can. I started a club at my school because this program is a chance for JPS students to give back to the community. We've had so much fun working together to fundraise and put craft kits together and we look forward to having a greater positive impact on the community."

- Student, John P Stevens High School, Edison, NJ