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Volunteer: College

Project Sunshine college chapters develop leadership, provide service opportunities, and raise awareness about Project Sunshine on campus. Volunteers foster a sense of normalcy in the healthcare environment for children facing medical challenges and their family members through on-campus programs, such as Sending Sunshine and fundraising events, and through direct service programs in local pediatric medical facilities.

Over 50 chapters have been established at colleges and universities across the country. Join an existing chapter below through our volunteer inquiry form or start your own chapter on your campus.



Albany Medical College

Amherst College

Arizona State University

Benedict College

Boston College

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brooklyn College

Brown University

Carnegie Mellon

Case Western Reserve University

City College of New York

Columbia University

Cornell University

Duke University

Emory University

Florida State University

Fordham University

Georgetown University

Harvard College

Hofstra University

Hunter College

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Iona College

Ithaca College

Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

New York Medical College

New York University

Queens College



Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine

Rutgers University

Sam Houston State University

St. John's University

St. Joseph's College

Stony Brook University

Texas A&M University

Texas State University

University at Albany

University of Arizona

University of California - Los Angeles

University of California - Riverside School of Medicine

University of Delaware

University of Louisville

University of Maryland - College Park

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of New Hampshire

University of North Carolina

University of Pittsburgh

University of South Florida

University of Washington - Seattle

Union College

Vanderbilt University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Wagner College

Washington University in St. Louis

Yeshiva University

Starting a Chapter

  • If you live in New York City, you can start by volunteering with a community chapter
  • Review the current college chapter list above
  • Read the Chapter Leader FAQs below
  • Determine if you can commit to being a Chapter Leader for at least one academic year
  • Receive, complete and submit a Founding Chapter Leader Packet
    Request an application:
    • June 1st for the September-December academic session; or
    • October 1st for the January-May academic session

Upon receipt of your application, a Project Sunshine staff member will contact you with additional information.


Chapter Leader FAQs

  • What is a Project Sunshine College Chapter?


    Project Sunshine College Chapters are recognized student clubs on campus that provide three central principles of engagement:


    • Sending Sunshine � Located outside of the medical facility, volunteers assemble Arts & Craft Kits, create Sunny Grams, and sew Surgi Dolls for hospitalized children.
    • Direct Service � Programming in local medical facilities where volunteers organize activities for children facing medical challenges and/or their family members.
    • Collection Drives � Volunteers also participate in drives for NEW toys, books and Band-Aids.


    • Chapter Leader
    • Executive Board
    • Committees


    • Fundraising event
    • Collaboration with other clubs on campus
    • National campaigns, such as Facebook photo contests and volunteer appreciation events
  • What does a Chapter Leader do and what is the time commitment?


    Our Chapter Leaders, the heart of Project Sunshine�s programming, are responsible for coordinating programs and volunteers on college campuses across the nation. This is a leadership development opportunity for rising sophomores and juniors. The Chapter Leader is expected to commit to running the chapter for at least one full academic year and to help with the transition process once his/her term has ended. At the beginning of each academic year the Chapter Leader is also responsible for completing Chapter Leader training in August/September.


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  • Who can apply?


    Priority will be given to rising sophomores and juniors since they are already familiar with the university landscape.

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  • How do I apply?


    If you go to a school that doesn�t have a Project Sunshine Chapter (see list of schools), then fill out the Founding Chapter Leader Packet (Request an application from Megan Carly) and submit it by June 1st to be considered for the September � December academic session and October 1st* to be considered for the January � May academic session.

    *Only a limited number of chapters will be accepted during this period.

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  • Can medical school students volunteer with Project Sunshine?


    Yes! Project Sunshine has a number of medical school chapters across the country. Since medical students� academic requirements are more rigorous than undergraduate students, the responsibilities different slightly than those outlined above. If you are considering starting a medical school chapter, we would prefer the Chapter Leader to be a first or second year.

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  • Contact Project Sunshine


    You can contact Project Sunshine by emailing Megan Carly for more information.

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