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Volunteer Spotlight: China Women's University Chapter

Project Sunshine - China Women's University Chapter

Ruyuan Yang, a junior at China Women's University, began volunteering with Project Sunshine when she was a freshman. Now two years later Ruyuan volunteers every week in six different medical facilities in Beijing! As the College Chapter Leader, she oversees 50 volunteers who serve over 3,000 children and family members each year!

Ruyuan and her fellow volunteers serve children and teenagers suffering from a variety of illnesses including cerebral palsy, cleft lip, and mental health illness. To better serve these children, most of whom are from economically deprived families and typically face multiple developmental and physical challenges, the volunteers develop specific programming to meet the children�s needs and development level. For example, Ruyuan and her volunteers provide clay making activities for orphaned teenagers living with cerebral palsy, to help the teens with fine motor skills. This activity has become one of the most anticipated and enjoyable programs!

Ruyuan says, "The most rewarding part of being a Project Sunshine volunteer is for me to realize how lucky and happy I am, and I have a strong desire to share this happiness with people in need. Project Sunshine helps me do that. After each time I volunteer, my heart is filled with feelings of achievement and joy, and it makes me love life and this world even more."

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