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Volunteer Spotlight: Emilio Delgado Sings

Emilio Delgado, who has played Luis on Sesame Street for 40 years, brought sunshine to pediatric patients at Mount Sinai´s KidZone as a part of Project Sunshine´s Book Club. Emilio and Kidzone TV producer, Alayna Kramer, hosted an animal bingo show in Spanish, broadcasted live on closed-circuit television into the patients´ rooms. This allowed children to participate in the bingo game by calling in the answers to the studio, while hearing their own voices on the television.

The show emphasized Spanish so that young patients could learn while playing. Emilio ended the show by playing his guitar and teaching the children an animal song in both English and Spanish. The children were encouraged to sing along from their beds. All of the televisions in the patients´ rooms were tuned in to Kidzone TV so that they could play along, laugh, and just be kids.

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