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Volunteer Spotlight: Rubi Duran

Project Sunshine Intern - Rubi Duran

This summer Rubi Duran, a student from Bowdoin College, is doing a special Camp Project Sunshine Internship at Diamond Children´s Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Rubi manages the Project Sunshine Sibling Corner at Diamond Children´s five days a week, providing Arts & Crafts programs for the siblings of babies in the NICU. Rubi´s presence has brightened the spirits of so many patients and families that she is now affectionately known as "the Project Sunshine girl." When patients, parents, nurses, and doctors see her come in with her yellow Project Sunshine t-shirt, they know who she is and what she´s there to do. "Everyone here sees Project Sunshine for what it is,� Rubi states, "a great form of help and support, and I like to think I have been a part of making that happen."

Initially Rubi was unaware of the effect her internship would have on her but, after walking into a solemn child�s hospital room and having the joy of leaving the child with a smile on his face, or helping to divert a sibling�s attention from her sister�s ailment to something more cheerful, she understands the importance of Project Sunshine programming.

"I love Project Sunshine because I have seen what is made possible through our help. When a child feels alone, when parents and siblings need support, when a child has to spend her birthday in a hospital, Project Sunshine is there for all of this and much more. People truly see this assistance as their sunshine to a cloudy day."

Rubi Duran
Camp Project Sunshine Intern

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