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Spotlight: JP Stevens High School

Project Sunshine - JP Stevens High School

This past school year, 16-year-old Julia Zou was inspired by Project Sunshine's mission of helping children with medical challenges and took it upon herself to start a Kids for Kids chapter at her local high school, J.P. Stevens High School in Edison, NJ.

In just one year, students at J.P. Stevens were able to donate craft kits and surgi dolls to hundreds of children at medical facilities around the country, thanks to Julia's efforts in organizing Sending Sunshine programs throughout the year. Additionally, they organized multiple fundraisers, including a large carnival called ´Project Sunshine Day´ for kids and families in their community.

Families brought over 100 new books and toys and in total the J.P. Stevens Kids for Kids chapter raised over $1,300 for Project Sunshine this past year.

When asked about her experience starting the Project Sunshine chapter, Julia responded, "It warms my heart to see children in need being brightened up. Every little project makes a difference for a hospitalized child, and the goal is to light up as many smiles as we can. I started a club at my school because this program is a chance for J.P.S. students to give back to the community. We've had so much fun working together to fundraise and put craft kits together and we look forward to having an even greater positive impact on the community."

Congratulations on a fantastic first year, Julia! We look forward to seeing what you do with the chapter this coming fall. To learn more about starting a Project Sunshine Kids for Kids chapter at your school, e-mail

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