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Volunteer Spotlight: Book Club, Roxie Munro

Roxie Munro, the author/illustrator of more than 40 nonfiction and concept books for children, was one of the very first volunteers with the Project Sunshine Book Club. In 2008 she shared her work with pediatric patients at NYU Langone's Rusk Rehabilitation. Since that time, she's been a consistent and treasured volunteer, visiting numerous children in many different hospitals throughout New York City.

Young patients are drawn to all of Roxie's books, and especially the popular "Mazescapes," "Amazement Park", "Ranch", "Feathers, Flaps and Flops" and "The Inside–Outside Book of New York City" (New York Times Best Illustrated) which encourage reading, learning and engagement. Roxie uses these books as motivation for the children to guess, count, take chances and seek answers. She loves interacting with pediatric patients and having them supply some of the answers as well as becoming involved with a book in a new way, not simply reading it.

"It's wonderful to relate to pediatric patients. They love learning and are eager to participate," Roxie says of her volunteer experiences through Project Sunshine. "The youngsters I meet are so friendly, warm and open."

Pediatric patients always want to know more about how Roxie— who has also had fourteen "New Yorker" covers published— became an artist. She usually tells them that she won first place in a countywide art contest when she was a six–year– old growing up in Maryland. "They seem encouraged that I was passionate at a young age. Volunteering with Project Sunshine gives me the opportunity to help foster their creativity and love of books and art. And, of course, the children continually inspire and amaze me."

Project Sunshine thanks Roxie for continuously sharing her incredible talent with the patients and families we serve.

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