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Spotlight: Project Sunshine at Cohen's

Project Sunshine - Cohen's Hospital

For the past four years, Dorothy McPartland and Angela Grande Wasserman have been leading a chapter of volunteers at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children�s Medical Center of New York in New Hyde Park, Long Island. Each month, these talented and creative Chapter Leaders and their team of volunteers visit with children throughout the hospital, bringing Creative Arts & Crafts programing to hundreds of children facing medical challenges.

This year, in honor of Mother�s Day and Father�s Day, Dorothy and Angela planned special Caregiver Wellness programming. Project Sunshine�s Caregiver Wellness program transforms hospital�s playrooms and other areas into relaxing environments where parents and caregivers come together to participate in relaxation exercises, therapeutic activities, and art sessions. By providing support to family members, the overall physical, social and emotional health of a child improves.

In honor of Mother�s Day, moms and other caregivers at Cohen�s created their own relaxation items such as do-it-yourself lavender sachets, scented lotions and aromatherapy. The parents and caregivers were able to bring these techniques and items back to their children�s bedsides, allowing them to practice valuable stress reduction methods whenever time permitted.

In honor of Father�s Day, dads and other caregivers decorated reusable tote bags, cozies, and back scratchers. At the same time, the children and siblings decorated catch-all trays for dad�s night stand. This activity provided the children with an opportunity to make choices, to create freely, and to revel in the positive feelings of accomplishment all while celebrating their parents and caregivers. By engaging the children in child-friendly programming the parents and caregivers were able to enjoy much-needed respite and rejuvenation!

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