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Volunteer Spotlight: CCNY

As someone who loves being around children and being able to brighten someone´s day, Chapter Leader Rosey Basant knew she wanted to become involved with Project Sunshine when she learned about the organization at her college´s community service fair during her sophomore year. Since then, she has been an active member of the City

College of New York Project Sunshine chapter, participating in on-campus activities, volunteering at a local NYC hospital and taking on leadership roles. As Chapter Leader, Rosey has gathered a team of creative and enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about Project Sunshine´s mission and who are always ready to spread sunshine and participate in new opportunities, like a Caregiver Wellness event with bereaved families. On March 10, Rosey and a group of volunteers from her CCNY chapter collaborated with the Bereavement Committee to bring a special Caregiver Wellness program to families who have recently experienced a loss. The volunteers brought smiles, laughs and relaxation to the parents and caregivers through activities such as DIY scented lotions, therapeutic neck pillows and painted ceramic piggy banks. "I cannot forget the numerous thank yous we received and the gratitude expressed by the families for just being with them and participating in activities that were not only pleasurable but also promoted a therapeutic atmosphere," Rosey says.

When the CCNY volunteers left the program, the families were looking forward to more events like this one in the future. For Rosey, seeing the families smiling, having a great time and getting involved in the activities was priceless. "To know that I have made a difference in someone´s life by bringing smiles and laughter even for a small moment is worthwhile," she says. "A little smile, a kind word, and an act of caring goes a long way to positively impact someone´s life, a feeling that is priceless."

We express our gratitude to Rosey Basant, the CCNY chapter and all of our volunteers across the country who bring sunshine to children facing medical challenges and their families.

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