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Volunteer Spotlight: Project Sunshine Canada

Project Sunshine - Canada

After hearing about Project Sunshine Canada as a student at York University, Isha Seth began volunteering with Project Sunshine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, assisting with the Creative Arts and Crafts program. The first time Isha volunteered at Sick Kids she described her experience as beautiful and heartwarming. Isha knew that Project Sunshine Canada was a perfect volunteer fit for her. At a young age Isha was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was in and out of the hospital. As a child she experienced firsthand the importance of play and fun in the hospital and now wants to give back to children and families facing medical challenges.

After a short time, Isha wanted to take on more responsibility with Project Sunshine. She soon became Chapter Leader for the Caregiver Wellness Program at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto. With the help of her team, Isha coordinates programs biweekly for parents and caregivers to help relieve their stress and provide a relaxing environment with healthy snacks, arts and craft activities, relaxing music and massages by Registered Massage Therapists. "The Caregiver Wellness Program provides a two hour escape for parents to unwind, socialize with others and be at ease,� says Isha. "Project Sunshine has done an incredible job at supporting families as a whole during a troubling time in their lives and helps to bring a little bit of positivity back into the picture."

Some of Isha´s fondest memories include meeting new parents and making new memories with them. Each month Isha offers a relaxing and calm space for caregivers to escape momentarily from the hospital and focus on their own needs. "Project Sunshine has taught me a lot about the importance of compassion, understanding, care and support to those you may not know. The parents are extremely appreciative and seeing how much the program adds to their day makes it all worthwhile."

Project Sunshine Canada recognizes and thanks Isha for her many years of dedication to children and families within the Toronto community.

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