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Volunteer Spotlight: Austin Armstrong (Project Sunshine Canada)

Austin Armstrong - Project Sunshine Canada

Project Sunshine Canada has a vibrant corps of committed volunteers who deliver programs and fundraise. Austin Armstrong, a Project Sunshine Canada volunteer, was first introduced to the organization at the annual Young Patrons� Circle (YPC) ShineOn! event in 2011. Project Sunshine Canada�s Young Patrons� Circle is comprised of over 20 dynamic and dedicated young professionals from the Toronto area. They share a similar passion for the important work of Project Sunshine in providing ongoing support to children facing medical challenges and their families.

Austin had been living in Toronto for four years, and was anxious to expand his volunteering efforts throughout the city. Project Sunshine was the perfect fit! Austin describes Project Sunshine as a versatile organization that provides outreach and support to children and families without restriction or favoritism.

"I like that we can reach out to children suffering from nearly any condition out there to provide support and sunshine. This is so unique to Project Sunshine."

As a member of the YPC in its second year, Austin volunteered his time to co-chair Shine On! 2012. His leadership and dedication helped raise over $17,000 for Project Sunshine Canada.

"It was a wonderful experience to work with a team so devoted to the spirit and kindness of an organization. I loved working with my peers, developing a young voice for Project Sunshine that is recognized as strong and vital support. And lest I forget to say that we had a ton of fun working on Shine On! this year as well."

Project Sunshine Canada offers opportunities for YPC members to volunteer at program locations across Toronto. As an YPC member Austin has visited many of Project Sunshine's program locations. One moment that stood out for Austin was his first time volunteering at Safehaven Project for Community Living. For the first time in years Austin was able to re-read Dr. Seuss, Sesame St. and Thomas the Tank Engine - all to the tune of children's laughter.

Austin is truly a vital part of the YPC and Project Sunshine Canada.

Thank you Austin for your continued support and dedication to Project Sunshine Canada!

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