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Volunteer Spotlight: American Express

Project Sunshine - American Express

In 2010, the American Express Foundation and Project Sunshine formalized a community service partnership that engages American Express employees through Sending Sunshine events in their offices and brings joy to children in medical facilities nationwide. Project Sunshine�s relationship with American Express extends back as far as the early 2000s when Project Sunshine�s founder, Joseph Weilgus, was himself an American Express employee. While there, he engaged his colleagues who were some of Project Sunshine�s earliest corporate volunteers!

Now the relationship thrives, owing to the generosity of dedicated employee volunteers. The Project Sunshine partnership currently provides opportunities in all American Express corporate offices�New York City, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, and Salt Lake City. Employee volunteers participate in Sending Sunshine programs, where they assemble Creative Arts and Crafts Kits for the children of Project Sunshine. These individualized arts and crafts activities include all the materials a child needs to complete a particular craft. This winter, employees assembled Snowflake and Journal Craft Kits, which allow children to decorate snowflakes to hang in their room or on their IV pole, and write in a journal about all their favorite winter activities.

"Employees from American Express have been excited to work with Project Sunshine to benefit the children at area hospitals," says Barb Clark of American Express Phoenix. "Several different projects took place including one for our senior leaders. Sometimes it is very difficult to get out of the office to volunteer and this was a great way to support the community and to make a difference.� Amex Employees have shown that office-based volunteering is both meaningful and rewarding; while sitting at their desks, in conference rooms or call centers, employees can still engage in community service opportunities. Project Sunshine�s patients and families have benefited from an impressive total of 2,975 generous American Express employee volunteer engagements nationwide from December 2010 through February 2013.

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