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Volunteer Spotlight: Washington DC Chapter

Project Sunshine - Washington DC Chapter

After reading a volunteer recruitment post for Project Sunshine on the community board at the National Institute of Health (NIH), Amanda Krause signed up immediately. Amanda was excited to join because Project Sunshine combines her love of working with children with the opportunity to give back to the community. After several months of volunteering, Amanda decided to take on the greater responsibility of Chapter Leader for the entire Project Sunshine DC chapter.

Project Sunshine DC works with children and families at NIH Children´s Inn and The HSC Pediatric Center. The volunteers focus on Creative Arts and Crafts projects as well as Sunshine Chefs cooking programs. As a Chapter Leader Amanda not only volunteers at the programs, but also works closely with Project Sunshine staff to design and develop the chapter to its greatest potential, while meeting the needs of the local community.

Project Sunshine has been a very rewarding way for Amanda to give back to the community. "So many of the children who participate in our activities are suffering from very distressing conditions, so being able to take their minds off their problems for a little bit and just focus on being kids is wonderful."

Project Sunshine also creates some beautiful memories for Amanda. "My most memorable moment during the program was when one of the children staying at the Children´s Inn showed the Project Sunshine volunteers how to make paper snowflakes. Just seeing the excitement in her face when she could teach us something was so rewarding. She was so excited to explain how to create the intricate design, and I could tell she was have a wonderful time."

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