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Volunteer Spotlight: BNP Paribas

March 16, 2017

Since 2012, employees from BNP Paribas have dedicated one Saturday each month to the pediatric patients at St. Mary's Hospital for Children in Bayside, New York. BNP Paribas' dedication to service is exemplary, as are the relationships the employee volunteers have formed with the young patients at St. Mary's. The program is particularly special for the patients and families that the BNP Paribas volunteers are serving because it is a regularly scheduled event. As Allison McGeough, a St. Mary's staff member, says, "The kids know Project Sunshine is thinking about them and it gives them something to look forward to."

Children receiving long–term care at St. Mary's face life–limiting medical conditions that can be distressing and isolating. BNP Paribas' amazing volunteers bring sunshine to St. Mary's patients through specific sensory activities, arts and crafts, and a photo booth. Volunteers also read books to patients who are unable to participate in the other activities due to limited mobility or dexterity. The volunteers engage the children using themed activities each month like Safari, Winter Wonderland, and Back to School.

Over the last 4 years, BNP Paribas volunteers devoted nearly 65,000 hours of their time, serving 1,500 pediatric patients and their families at St. Mary's Hospital for Children. Additionally, through Sending Sunshine programs across the country, BNP Paribas volunteers have served over 7,700 pediatric patients and their families in cities including Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, King of Prussia, and New York City.

Project Sunshine salutes the incredible work and dedication of the BNP Paribas volunteers who have spread sunshine to so many children facing medical challenges and their families.

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