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Volunteer Spotlight: Adolescent Skills Center

Adolescent Skills Center

The Adolescent Skills Center, a GED program located in the South Bronx, began working with Project Sunshine in April 2012 to provide special volunteer opportunities for their students. The students face many obstacles and challenges in their lives, including finding employment. By volunteering with Project Sunshine they are able to develop their volunteer experience to add to their credentials. They specifically chose Project Sunshine because the students could identify with the cause of helping children in need. "The projects are always fun as well as fulfilling," one vocational counselor explained. "The students feel like they are helping someone in need and love the feeling of bringing a smile to a child or teen."

The students at the Adolescent Skills Center spent this past summer making Friendship Bracelet Craft Kits for children in the Project Sunshine program. A small group of students, including Joel Marte and Jimmy Velez (pictured), and staff members worked daily throughout the summer creating these individualized Craft Kits for children facing medical challenges. Now that the school year is back in session, students get together on Wednesdays to make Craft Kits for a few hours every week.

Collectively the group has made over 190 craft kits over the past several months. Their efforts have spread joy and happiness to the children who received their craft kits.

"We love Project Sunshine because they work tirelessly for a great causeļæ½helping to bring hope and a smile to children in need. We always have a great time working on their projects. We set up a movie, pop some popcorn, and start our assembly line putting together craft kits!"

Jacqueline Wainscott
Sending Sunshine Volunteer

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