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Volunteer Spotlight: Salesforce at the Mount Sinai Hospital Pediatric Holiday Party

February 1, 2017

Another holiday season has flown by, leaving patients, families, volunteers, and the Project Sunshine staff with many happy memories to reflect on as the new year begins. In December 2016, the incredible Salesforce volunteers dedicated their time and support to the Mount Sinai Hospital Pediatric Holiday Party. Patients and families enjoyed creative activities including decorating their own winter hats and gloves, customizing stuffed polar bears, and enjoying a fun and festive photo booth! Project Sunshine staff added holiday cheer by transforming the hospital lobby into a winter wonderland, and DJ Rob filled the room with festive music.

Salesforce's team of nearly 60 volunteers brought so much joy to the kids, teens, and caregivers in attendance. They also donated over 280 holiday gifts, many of which were distributed during the party to eager and excited children. The remaining toys were sent to patients at hospitals across the country, brightening a particularly challenging time of year.

Gabriela Espinosa, Pediatric Asthma Social Worker at Mount Sinai, says, "This is an event that our patients and their families hold very closely to their hearts. Many of our families in the community are unable to provide presents at home due to various factors like unstable housing or economic hardship. For them, this party provides one of the only holiday celebrations they will be able to participate in as a family. Caregivers express immense appreciation for those couple of hours when they can enjoy holiday activities with their kids and make memories together."

Salesforce continues to be a wonderful supporter of Project Sunshine's mission, with employees volunteering both in hospitals and in their offices throughout 2016. The happiness and relief brought to the Pediatric Holiday Party attendees wouldn't have been possible without the generous support and enthusiasm of the Salesforce team.

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