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Volunteer Spotlight: UnitedHealth Group Minnesota

Project Sunshine - UnitedHealth Group Minnesota

Project Sunshine worked with the UnitedHealth Group offices in Minnesota to establish two corporate volunteer chapters. The first group was founded in fall of 2012. Then an Executive chapter was formed in early 2013 as an opportunity for the company´s top managers to give back, knowing that over 95% of UnitedHealth Group executives volunteer each year. Since their formation, both chapters gleefully bring Creative Arts and Book Buddies programming to patients at Children�s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus.

This past September, the Executive Chapter held a special Book Buddies program, focusing on discovery and treasure with the children and families. The volunteers read books about various types of treasure and then made their own paper 3D treasure chest! At the end of the program, each child received a copy of the book they read to help build their personal libraries and to remind them of wonderful memories they shared with the volunteers.

Mike Stone, an active member of the UnitedHealth Group Executive Chapter, explained his commitment to the chapter by saying, "The opportunity to give a little of my time and help out with such an important cause has been such a rewarding and valuable experience for me. I always hope that what little time I give has a positive impact and can bring out a smile. I would encourage others to give a little of their time, too, and see for themselves how much fun it can be."

Volunteers learn about compassion, relationships, and integrity�some of the core values of UnitedHealth Group that are displayed through spending time with children and Project Sunshine.

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