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Volunteer Spotlight: Project Sunshine Kenya: World AIDS Day

Project Sunshine - Project Sunshine Kenya: World AIDS Day

Project Sunshine Kenya provides locally-driven, sustainable programming for children and families living with HIV/AIDS at Bomu Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. Over 6,500 pediatric clients are enrolled in care and treatment at Bomu Hospital and in Project Sunshine Kenya programming. Project Sunshine Kenya volunteers deliver clinic and community based programming five days per week.

Dr. Aabid Ahmed, CEO of Bomu Hospital notes, "Project Sunshine has been a source of happiness not only in the lives of the children but also for the entire fraternity at Bomu Hospital. It is such a pleasure to see the excitement on the children�s faces as they walk into Project Sunshine�s Play and Activity Center. Both the clinic and the outreach activities of Project Sunshine have created a strong link between the hospital and the community and, amongst the children, a great sense of belonging."

On December 1, 2013 Project Sunshine Kenya hosted its Eighth Annual World AIDS Day celebration, benefitting over 600 children and families affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. Families came together to participate in creative arts, carnival and birthday-themed activities. This day brought children and families together to show love and support to those who are infected, and was an outlet for those affected to share their challenges and encourage one another to live positively. Project Sunshine Kenya volunteers recognize that the community also has a role to play on this day - to embrace those who are infected and to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

Joshua Muriithi Mbogo, a Project Sunshine Kenya volunteer, says that the impact of volunteering with Project Sunshine is very deep. "Through volunteering with Project Sunshine I have come to understand how those who are infected feel, and the support they need. I now see how the children in our community are more accepted because we have raised awareness, and given them support and comfort. Thank you Project Sunshine for giving me the opportunity to volunteer, and to participate in this important World AIDS Day celebration."

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