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Volunteer Spotlight: Kenya

Every year, Project Sunshine Kenya hosts a community–wide Global Hand Washing education and outreach event. On this day, the Project Sunshine Kenya team develops interactive and educational activities that focus on the importance of handwashing by creating "pop–up" hand washing stations in Mombasa so that members of the community learn the importance of handwashing and proper hygiene. Project Sunshine volunteers also integrate hand washing education and other activities related to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) into existing Project Sunshine Kenya programming. Such activities include dissemination of a hand–washing coloring book, arts activities, publicity posters, and other materials. Volunteers engage children hand washing demonstrations, as well as their family members since the parents and caregivers are an important proponent for promoting sustained, proper hand washing in households. Mini–dramas and other performance methods (music, skits, social marketing campaigns and small group competitions) are used to further underscore the importance of proper hand washing.

This year, from October 13th to 15th, a team of 48 Project Sunshine Kenya volunteers visited Bomu Hospital, 28 schools, two orphanages, and two new satellite clinics affiliated with Bomu, Likoni and Mariakani! It was the most successful event to date, reaching an incredible 8,812 children and family members. Teams of volunteers prepared educational skits, games, demonstrations and delivered coloring pages and soap to thousands of Mombasa residents, with an effort to educate the community about proper handwashing. Dennis Ngui, Project Sunshine Kenya on–site coordinator notes, "I have a splendid team, and it´s an honor for us to be part of this incredible work."

Not only does Global Handwashing Day raise awareness for proper hand washing, and its impact on reducing diarrheal disease, particularly among HIV+ children, but it also helps raise awareness for pediatric HIV medical services in the Greater Mombasa area. Project Sunshine Kenya volunteers are compassionate emissaries for Bomu Hospital; Dr. Aabid Ahmed, CEO of Bomu Hospital, notes that "The activities of Project Sunshine have created a strong link between the Hospital and the community and, amongst the children, a great sense of belonging.".

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