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"Between the spa programs, craft kits and surgi dolls, and great volunteers we are thrilled to have a relationship with Project Sunshine."

-Project Sunshine Partner Facility


Our photo gallery highlights a sampling of Project Sunshine's hospital programs, fundraisers, and special events. Click on the galleries below to see our volunteers, kids, and staff in action! Check back soon!

  • Professional Golf Champion Hal Sutton
  • Miss USA Olivia Culpo and Hal Sutton
  • Event Chair Natan Bibliowicz, Miss USA Olivia Culpo, Hal Sutton
  • Golf Classic Honoree Bill McNamee with Miss USA Olivia Culpo
  • Peter Scaturro, Hal Sutton, Phil Waterman
  • Sandy Weill, Bill McNamee, Joan Weill
  • Peter Vasconcelos, Jere Harris, Billy Walsh
  • Sponsors
  • Kathy Scaturro, Jessica Bibliowicz, Kyle Blackmon, Peter Scaturro